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Top Microsoft 365 Features to Leverage in Your eDiscovery Program

Episode Summary

Microsoft’s agile development and rapid product enhancement allows Microsoft 365 (M365) users to stay up to date with emerging industry challenges. However, keeping pace with these M365 features and updates often requires dedicated team members, testing, and more time and resources than some organizations may have. Tune in to catch up on the top M365 features from the latest release so that you can leverage in your ediscovery program.

Episode Notes

In the final episode of season five, co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell review an article on a recent ILTA>ON panel that examined how tech has created certain power dynamics in legal space.

Next, Bill and Rob bring on John Collins of Lighthouse to walk them through the top M365 features to leverage in an ediscovery program. Together they cover the latest and greatest as well as uncover answers to the following questions: 

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