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Effective Strategies for Managing DSARs

Episode Summary

Since the introduction of the GDPR, organizations with a European presence have seen a rise in the number of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). These matters are time consuming, costly, and not going away. The only way to reduce these challenges is by setting up a consistent and efficient workflow to manage DSARs. Tune into this episode of Law & Candor to hear use cases for automation and efficiency gains, as well as best practices for managing these burdensome matters.

Episode Notes

In the fourth episode of season five, co-hosts Bill Mariano and Rob Hellewell discuss how Relativity is using its technology to help medical researchers comb through COVID-19 journal articles to help battle the virus. 

Bill and Rob then introduce their guest speaker, Nicki Woodfall of Travers Smith, who uncovers effective strategies for managing DSARs. Nicki answers the following questions in this episode:

Our co-hosts wrap up the episode with a few key takeaways. If you enjoyed the show, subscribe here, rate us on Apple and Stitcher, join in the conversation on Twitter, and discover more about our speakers and the show here.

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